Living on Earth

The project was recently documented for the Living on Earth radio program.  A great video was created on one of our Fibershed re-skilling days, a time when designers and artists come together to learn from each other– using all local materials.  In this case Katherine Jolda, one of our Fibershed felters taught everyone in the group how to make the material– using one of our local wool resources.

5 thoughts on “Living on Earth

  1. I am SO happy to have found your site! I am an “unemployed”, 50-something, single shepherdess/chicken farmer who is in the process of starting up a home based business using natural products from my flocks of Shetland sheep and colorful chickens. I also make homemade, goat milk soap, using goat milk from a nearby dairy goat farm. I am interested in learning more ways to make my farm self-sustaining. I am planing an Open House and Fiber Festival on Saturday, Oct. 30, 2010 and my try to incorporate some of your ideas into current and future projects. Any advice you may have would be GREATLY appreciated!

    Nancy Krohn

  2. Nancy! Looked at your site– its wonderful! You are actually quite employed, in the true sense of the word. I can’t imagine an idle day goes by on your farm! My advice –we can all learn a lot from you, because you’re in the thick of taking responsibility for your own material culture.. so just keep doing it, and telling your story on your blog.. share your recipes for how you are making it happen, and this will continue teach and inform others to do the same, and to support you doing what you are doing.

    1. Oh, how I pray you are right, Rebecca! I am terrified of what’s going to happen when my unemployment runs out. Then again, when my ex-husband told me that he was leaving, I was absolutely positive that I would lose my place and I have, somehow, managed to hold onto it for 3 years so maybe…

  3. Goats are a wonderful way to become more self sufficient! Not only is the fiber goat useful but the dairy and meat goats are wonderful. We raise dairy and meat goats on our farm. The Cheeses and soaps and milk we get from our dairy goats are amazing and cuts down on the grocery bill. Our meat goats are raised for showing mostly and at times a whether for the freezer helps out too! Good luck

  4. I love this concept of a fibershed. We have a fiber farm in B.C., Canada and raise all things fiber, create one off garments with various fiber arts techniques and promote local artisan crafts in our community. You’ve gone farther by inviting designers over to play. Love it. Totally love it.

    It is what I hope for our farm and our neighbors sheep and alpaca farms, too, to work together to promote local fashion and home textiles. But we are a long way off. Kudos to you for the work you are doing.

    I’ve shared your sight on my Joybilee Farm facebook fan page, too. My community will love what you are doing.


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