Month: March 2018

Tallow: Summer Solace’s Food for the Skin

Summer Solace Tallow products

Written by Sasha Wirth & Photographed by Paige Green On a busy street in North Oakland, nestled beside an old-school barbershop and a deli selling everything from donuts to Chinese food, stands a green converted storefront. At first glance, it appears to be just another commercial space, perhaps even a warehouse. But past the metal […]

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Renaissance Woman of Today: Starbuck Station Wools

Martha Cant of Starbuck Station Wools

Written by Amanda Fisk; Photographed by Paige Green In the quiet countryside of the Sonoma Coast, a fairly long, slightly steep, single-lane road winds its way up to Starbuck Station Wools—the home, studio and sales place of Martha Cant. Martha grows wool and indigo, as well as other dye plants. She raises Cormo and Wensleydale […]

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