yarns at Dairyland Fibershed

Dairyland Fibershed

Jefferson County, WI (130 mi radius)

Contact: Betty Lytle-Flamm

Email: planterelf@thenaturaldyersbouquet.com
Website: Dairylandfibershed.blogspot.com

The Dairyland Fibershed mission is to build an interconnected and creative collection of farmers, shepherds, natural dye producers and fiber mills within a 130-mile radius of Jefferson, Wisconsin (the heart of our annual wool and fiber festivities each September) and those who make, use and or support fiber textiles within that region.

We serve to be an educational conduit for those seeking to grow and care for fiber related plants and animals using sound climate beneficial practices and those looking to use regional and organically produced materials for their art and textiles. By doing this we hope to create a vibrant regional economy, instill knowledge of healthy practices of caring for the living organisms of our environment, educate textile makers and consumers to the quality and value of natural regionally produced fiber materials, and foster communication, collaboration and friendships between growers and makers and consumers.

Photos by Betty Lytle-Flamm

coreopsis flowers at Dairyland Fibershed