Feather River Fibershed

Crescent Mills, California (Plumas, Sierra, and Lassen Counties)

Contact: Lorraine Nielsen

Website: http://featherriverfibershed.weebly.com/

Four Winds Farm
P.O. Box 4
Crescent Mills, CA 95934
Email: fourwinds@gotsky.com
Facebook: Feather River Fibershed

The Feather River Fibershed is a regional organization encouraging a conscientious community that supports and connects local fiber producers, artisans and consumers. We heighten public awareness of sustainable textile practices through education, highlighting the abundance of our rural mountain landscape–the plant, animal, and human resources that grace our region. Our focus includes revitalizing the natural fiber and dye heritage and creative skills that have become lost in the quest for speed, convenience, and profit in the broader textile industry. We envision a thriving future through the synergy of land stewardship, artisan creativity, and informed consumers.

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