Heartland Threads Fibershed

13 counties in SW Wisconsin and 3 counties in NW Illinois

Contact: LindaDee Derrickson, Tracey Schwalbe, Mavin Lisa Giss, Jessa Lane, Lauren McElroy
Email: info@heartlandthreads.org
Website: www.heartlandthreads.org

Heartland Threads welcomes participation of fiber farmers, textile makers, clothing designers, artists, spinners, weavers, sewers, knitters, felters, crafters, dyers, tanners, mills, shops & events. We imagine a future where our clothing and textiles are both designed and made right here in the Heartland from locally grown fibers. Our 501(c)(3) non profit is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors with yearly membership fees and grants providing funds for our Mission, which is to stimulate a networking “fiberculture” of producers and users of local regenerative fibers & textiles, emphasizing the economic, environmental, and community benefits of these connections.

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