Author: Rebecca Burgess

Classical Cotton Breeding

Photography by Paige Green (except where noted) Wisdom of the ages revealed and contrasted to modern notions of genetic progress… Enhancing nature’s time-tested processes or Engineering… the difference between this phrase and word is a clear line in the sand that divides many millennia of human efforts to breed plants and animals, and the contemporary field of genetic […]

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Kentucky Hemp

Thanks to grants from Patagonia’s Environmental Grants program and the Blackie Foundation, Fibershed has been in collaboration with various organizations to support the raw plant processing and cloth creation processes for this historic project. On June 1st of 2014, the fields of Eastern Kentucky became the site of a healing return of veterans and an […]

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Fibershed’s Colorado Hemp Research Project

Fiber systems are best designed to minimize detrimental impacts on the biosphere, and to enhance ecosystem function where possible. Fibershed has chosen to research the use of industrial hemp as a fiber crop because it fits both of these criteria. Background Fibershed worked during the summer and fall of 2013 to prepare for a 2014 research crop in Colorado’s San Luis Valley. […]

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Fibershed Milling Update

We feel the overdue nature of this post, and it is a joy to finally see it materialize from the small crevices of free time we have to share our internal workings with you all.  You probably remember hearing about our first fundraising event for a regional cotton mill? It was almost two years ago […]

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Stories from Windrush

Windrush Farm in Chileno Valley, California stands as one of our communities most endearing fiber and farming hubs.  Founded in 1995 by Mimi Luebbermann, the farm grew from an intention of living simply, farming fiber, and functioning as a quiet space for Luebbermann’s longstanding writing career.  The farm has since become a destination for Bay […]

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