Author: Rebecca Burgess

Indigo Evening Update

The little indigo starts that we planted have made themselves completely at home on the mountain farm. Its just been a couple of months now, and the plants are bushy, leafy, and creating the perfect biomass for our natural dye purposes.  Our row is surrounded by calendula, camomile, and poppies–all of which support water retention […]

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Planting Blue… in the rain.

The quiet of the sky, and the interspersed drops of rain were a welcoming combination that led us to the western end of the San Geronimo Valley.  It is here where Mt. Barnabe stands–its southern exposed slope is covered in chaparral (filled with dye plants), to the north the ridges are dotted with douglas fir, […]

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Between Soil and Skin: Our Mill

Making Fibershed clothes from within our designated 150 mile radius continues to be a deep exploration into local resources.  This exploration led the Fibershed team on a drive northeast on highway 113, and down the lesser known road 27, to visit Jane Dreamer, and her Yolo Wool Mill.  The process of experimenting with the locally […]

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Clothes in Color Grown Cotton

May 1st arrived, and so did the first Fibershed clothes.  The wardrobe was launched with some functional basics- a shell, and a pair of loose fitting bolero pants.  The fabric for these pieces was woven and knit from Sally Fox’s organic color grown cotton.  Fox’s farm resides in Guinda, California,  just 90 miles from my […]

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Ahh… the First Socks


 These gorgeous socks were created with the wool of Windrush farm (30 miles) from my home.  The farm is run by Mimi Luebberman, a wonderful fiber enthusiast who has all of her sheep’s wool processed and naturally dyed for sale at local farmer’s markets.  She also hosts and educates the local community children in an […]

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Designs and Dye Plants

The Fibershed talent is pouring forth like the waters of our rainfed creeks and streams. Monica has been working her magic with Sally Fox’s boucle color-grown cotton. This week was about test swatches and dye plants.  Monica and I made a plan to go the farm that she works at to see about dye plants, […]

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