Alpaca on the Rocks

Weed, CA

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Our ranch is located near the small town of Weed in northernmost California.  We welcome visitors on Saturdays, we have 16 alpacas along with mini-donkeys and horses, a mini-mule, assorted cats and dogs, and a pot-bellied pig.

Alpaca fiber is very soft, warm, and hypoallergenic and so gives a special character to the whole range of standard apparel and accessories.  For those experienced in working with fiber we carry rovings, batts, and the raw fiber itself. A belated introduction here– I am Nancy, the owner, and I specialize in needle felting, a technique that changes a ball of fluffy fiber into a dog portrait, a textured landscape, and the occasional purple dragon with green wings.

Ours is a small ranch, one that will allow you a closer look at the daily routine, the necessary chores and minor tasks that keep us moving. There is the hay that needs parceling out, the water troughs that must be kept full, a garden that needs tending (the rosemary bush is overdue for a trimming). There are the sounds – the odd mutterings of the alpaca, the constant hooting of doves, the off and on braying of donkeys. There are the sights of the country life that surrounds us, the pumpkin farm on one side, the cattle and sheep of the ranch behind us, and the horses grazing in the meadow across the road. And a final and impossible to miss addition to the sights and sounds for you to take home – the solitary 14,179 foot Mount Shasta presiding calmly over its domain.

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