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North Fork, CA

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As a true nature’s child I love working alongside the earth. By following the cycles of nature, I find a time and place for everything. Working the good earth, growing nourishing food and using astonishing dye plants is my place. Because I raise animals with love and admiration they reward me with luxurious fiber.

The magic of the mill machines cuts down the laborious chore of picking, cleaning and carding fiber. I also spin by hand in the early morning when I can meditate and listen deeply. From all of this and my imagination are blended the elements to create wearable, usable and beautiful items. You too can use my fiber for your own treasures.

Some of my work titles: spinner, weaver, fiber mill owner, gardener, natural dyer, rancher, teacher, Angora goat herder, and grandmother.

-Kim Bethel

Photo Credit: Alycia Lang