Heart Felt Fiber Farm

Santa Rosa, CA

Website  www.heartfeltfiberfarm.com
Phone  510-329-1431


Article on the blog  A Very Heartfelt Fiber Farm

Located just south of Santa Rosa, CA, Heart Felt Fiber Farm lovingly raises a mix of Icelandic and Ouessant x Shetland sheep, as well as Angora goats, a guard llama named Johari, and an alpaca named Hobbes.  They are tended to by Leslie Adkins, an avid fiber artist who spins, knits, and felts their fiber into hats, scarves, blankets, rugs, and a variety of other goods/apparel. Her wool comes from animals whose wellbeing is given top priority, who live out their natural lives, and who are tended by humans who regard them as beings of inherent worth beyond what they produce. See more about Leslie’s work on the Fibershed blog and on her website.

Photo Credit: Alycia Lang

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