No Man’s Farm

Freestone, CA

Instagram  @nomansfarm

Article on the Fibershed blog: Inside the Shearing Shed with Kinkade Shearing

The farm, the farmer

No Man’s Farm is a one-acre parcel located at Freestone Ranch in Freestone, Sonoma County, California.

After completing a degree in Poetry from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2012, farmer-owner Lora Kinkade felt compelled to pursue a profession grounded in the real—removed (largely) from the digital and one that necessitates the contextualization of land and community. Spurred by the momentum of the organics and re-skilling movements of her generation, Lora began her farming career.

Now, having managed several Sonoma County farms including Bob Cannard’s Greenstring Farm in Petaluma and New Family Farm in Sebastopol, Lora has started a one-acre market garden specializing in mixed vegetables, culinary herbs, and dye plants at Freestone Ranch with the knowledge gleaned from these various & diverse farming operations.

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