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Valley Ford, CA

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Sonoma Wool Company makes useful, warm, and fun products from 100% Pozzi Wool. All of our products are made right here in Sonoma County, free of bleaches and other chemical treatments – just pure wool from grass-fed sheep raised on Pozzi, and other, family ranches across northern California and Oregon.  Pozzi Ranch is located in the coastal region of northern California, where the average rainfall is over 40 inches per year. Sheep which thrive in this climate are coarse-grade wool sheep. Their coarse wool, with a 28 to 34-micron count, easily sheds the heavy rains of this region and keeps the sheep warm. The sheep with this type of wool is traditional British breeds, including Dorset, North Country Cheviot, Romney, Suffolk, Hampshire, and Border Lester.

Photo Credit: Koa Kalish