Sweetgrass Grazing

Petaluma, CA

Website  www.sweetgrassgrazing.com
Email  agcypress@gmail.com
Phone  (805) 450 5408

Article on the Blog  Revival of Grassland Culture

A contract grazing and seasonal lamb company, Sweetgrass Grazing employs sheep to graze for eco-friendly weed control and fire reduction.  Instead of lawn mowers or tractors, the sheep cut the grass while nourishing soil health, increasing water retention, and promoting biodiversity.  We use temporary electric fencing to keep the sheep bunched together, moving rapidly over the land. The flock does not return to the same place until the plants have fully recovered from the last grazing thus allowing them to nourish the soil life with the deepest roots that they are able to grow. This methodology also creates an even distribution of urine and manure which fertilizes the entire landscape as opposed to just the favored shady spots. The sheep eat and trample evenly instead of cherry-picking their favorite plants and leaving the less desirable ones to overpopulate. We strive for maximum soil cover at all times. Our planning takes into consideration the lifecycle of all the wild plants and animals.

When managed with the soil and ecology in mind, sheep can be used year-round to provide a diversity of land services.

Photo Credit: Noelle Gaberman