Uptown Alpacas

Sebastopol, CA

Website  uptownalpacas.com

In 2006 we purchased 3 alpaca females from Great Northern Ranch in Montana, all 3 females were born in Alberta, Canada. These 3 females formed the basis of our herd. By the summer of 2007 Etana, one of our females, gave birth to “Sacajawea”, the first of what are now 10 alpacas in our herd, 7 females and 3 males. At first we boarded them temporarily in Oregon while we were building a house in Corvallis, OR. They arrived at that house in the winter of 2008, and helped us keep the grass down on our hillside.

We also processed their beautiful fiber into yarn and roving, and sometimes socks and hats. We sent their fiber to Ingrid’s Rugs in Texas and we were able to use these rugs, both large and small, in our new home.

By the spring of 2013 our little alpaca herd was eating away at the hillside in Oregon so we decided our 1-acre lot was too small to satisfy their voracious appetites. We discovered a nearly 3-arce parcel just south of Sebastopol, CA, and decided to relocate there to provide more room and food for our herd.  Keith got busy building a new barn in the summer of 2013 and the alpacas arrived by October to enjoy their new surroundings and pronk (prancing) in the field. So far, we have found a friendly and supportive environment here for ourselves and for our animals.

Photo Credit: Uptown Alpacas