Spotlight product: Use wool sponges to do the dishes, to wash your face & body, or to clean surfaces. Clean and durable, these sponges do not get gross or smelly and last for a long time. Because wool is naturally antimicrobial and antifungal, they do not harbor molds and bacterias. When you’re done with them, they are compostable.

Products sold: Felt, Ready to Wear Garments, Roving, Wool Sponges, Wool Dryer Ball DIY Kits, Gift Bags, Wool Pillows, Wool Batting, Retail Washed Locks (similar to Retail Raw Fiber, but lightly washed)


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Committed to a healthy future, Full Circle Wool works to connect people with the land they inhabit in a deep and nourishing way. Sourcing from Climate Beneficial farms and ranches, these operations replenish soil health and ameliorate climate change fallout by drawing down carbon out of the atmosphere. All while growing beautiful, grassfed, and humanely raised wool. Check out our products for home and craft, including wool sponges, wool dryer ball kits, wool batting, and more! Plastic-free packaging.