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Products sold: Accessories (bags, hats, socks, etc.), Body Care, Dye Garden Seeds, Dye Plant Materials/Extracts, Fabric, Felt, Home Textiles, Knitwear, Mill-spun Yarn, Ready to Wear Garments, Retail Raw Fiber, Roving, Seeds, Books


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We’re cultivating an economy that grows value from the ground up.

The mission of The Northern California Fibershed Cooperative is to provide stability and lasting prosperity for independent producers who own and operate farms and ranches; and for those who create goods from locally grown materials within our Northern California Fibershed through the Fibershed Marketplace, cooperative marketing, value-added production, and education.

The Coop will promote the use and production of regionally grown materials, and support our community to enhance and restore our soil, water, and the health of the biosphere.