Month: October 2010

Sustainable World Radio

 Weighing our options.. how do we clothe ourselves sustainably?  Will we see individual communities begin to take more responsibility for their garments? Will large clothing manufacturers heed the call to change their practices?  We will likely see a multiplicity of actions.  To hear more about textiles from a local and global perspective- check out the […]

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Come to the Mill-In!

You’re invited to the annual mill-in, hosted by Jane Deamer, and the Yolo Wool Mill.  Tomorrow will be a full day for all those wanting to see the one and only wool mill of our fibershed!  It is a wonderful place- filled with the machines and people who are the foundation for our local fiber […]

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Living on Earth

The project was recently documented for the Living on Earth radio program.  A great video was created on one of our Fibershed re-skilling days, a time when designers and artists come together to learn from each other– using all local materials.  In this case Katherine Jolda, one of our Fibershed felters taught everyone in the […]

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