Regional Fiber Manufacturing Initiative

Climate Beneficial™ goods can meet our basic human needs while reigning in our consumption footprint, and we need a thriving regional manufacturing system to make it happen. Fibershed has developed the RFMI to execute a manufacturing strategy that will regionalize the production of textiles and contribute to climate solutions. The Initiative uplifts entrepreneurs with expert guidance, maps the ecosystem for a fully functioning value chain, and channels investment dollars toward critical infrastructure.

Producer Network

Who grows your clothes? The Northern California Fibershed Producer Program is a membership-based network of farmers, ranchers, designers, sewers, weavers, knitters, felters, spinners, mill owners, and natural dyers living and working within 51 counties in the North and Central regions of California. Our Producer Network is brimming with technical expertise in agricultural and textile practices. We offer services like educational sessions on business development and land stewardship embedded within social connectivity like meet-ups and a bi-annual printed membership newsletter.

Northern California Fibershed Cooperative Marketplace

Fibershed’s nonprofit membership services are complemented by a member-owned cooperative to cultivate an economy that grows value from the ground up. The Northern California Fibershed Cooperative strives to provide stability and lasting prosperity for independent producers who own and operate farms and ranches and for those who create goods from locally grown materials through the Northern California Fibershed Cooperative Marketplace, cooperative marketing, value-added production, and education. Click here to shop directly in the Marketplace or below to learn about membership.