Purpose & Vision

Fibershed has felt the need for some time to create a grounding force that serves in our effort to enliven our community’s connection to regional and regenerative fiber and dyes. We are grateful to have an opportunity to hold space for activities and community resources. The Learning Center will:

  • Serve key hands-on textile education opportunities for the public
  • Support a demonstration farm for growing materials and showcasing how earth pigments can be grown and processed, along with food and medicine
  • Host public presentations and intentionally designed gatherings that focus on bringing people together to learn and discuss the greatest and most concerning issues of our time
  • Offer direct opportunities to engage in climate and cultural solutions that we can work together to activate at the local level
  • House a natural dye and fiber seed library and a living library of our bioregional textile culture that will exist as a feature for students, designers, and makers
  • Provide a multi-use space for core organizational functions, including our staff and board meetings and strategic planning

Current Offerings: Online Classes via Zoom

During this time of sheltering in place, we are offering a series of online demonstrations and classes via Zoom, taught by Northern California Fibershed Producer Network members. Currently scheduled events are listed below.

Proceeds from each event support the class instructor and contribute to Fibershed for educational programming. A portion of the proceeds from each virtual event will also be shared with a local and mission-aligned non-profit organization, selected by the instructor. A video of the webinar will be made available to webinar registrants after the event.

If you would like to join the Learning Center mailing list to be notified of upcoming events—or any of the other Fibershed mailing lists—scroll down to the form at the bottom of the page.

inspiration from plant-based color with Sasha Duerr

Registration open:

April 24th:
Natural Palettes: inspiration from plant-based color with Sasha Duerr
The recipient of a donation from Sasha’s class is Urban Tilth.

May 22nd:
SHOES: components, repair, and making your own from scratch with Rachel Corry
The recipient of a donation from Rachel’s class is Social Justice Sewing Academy

Above, natural palette from pollinator plants by Sasha Duerr (photos courtesy of Sasha Duerr); left, Rachel Correy making shoes (photo courtesy of Rachel Correy); below, the Fibershed pigment garden in late summer (photo by Dustin Kahn); bottom, natural dye plants at a Fibershed workshop (photo by Paige Green).

Past events – Videos available on demand at the links below:

Farming & Processing Pigment & Fiber:

Knitting & Weaving:


Pigments & Dyes:

Fibershed pigment garden

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