Opening Celebration September 18th

On September 18th, 2021, our Northern California Fibershed Learning Center will hold a soft grand opening, celebrated through classes that will provide hands-on skills to the community, as well as time to gather in appreciation of local design community graduates who generated beautiful textiles within Fibershed’s Zero-Waste design challenge.

We will hold small, intimate courses focused on textile repair, weaving with native plant fibers, and pigment making from plants grown in Fibershed’s pigment garden. If you’re most comfortable being outdoors within small group settings, a basketry class and two pigment-making classes will occur in open-air environments. Two Sashiko mending classes will take place indoors for those that are comfortable with that setting.

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We have been wanting to share this space with you for over 18 months. This late-summer gathering will be one of many that allow us to come together to learn, share, and advance our collective hands-on knowledge and skill-building.

Learning Center Purpose & Vision

Fibershed has felt the need for some time to create a grounding force that serves in our effort to enliven our community’s connection to regional and regenerative fiber and dyes. We are grateful to have an opportunity to hold space for activities and community resources. The Learning Center will:

  • Serve key hands-on textile education opportunities for the public
  • Support a demonstration farm for growing materials and showcasing how earth pigments can be grown and processed, along with food and medicine
  • Host public presentations and intentionally designed gatherings that focus on bringing people together to learn and discuss the greatest and most concerning issues of our time
  • Offer direct opportunities to engage in climate and cultural solutions that we can work together to activate at the local level
  • House a natural dye and fiber seed library and a living library of our bioregional textile culture that will exist as a feature for students, designers, and makers
  • Provide a multi-use space for core organizational functions, including our staff and board meetings and strategic planning

Future Events

Proceeds from each event support the class instructor and contribute to Fibershed for educational programming. A portion of the proceeds from each event is also shared with a local and mission-aligned non-profit organization, selected by the instructor.

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October 24, 2021, 10 am – 3 pm: Natural Palettes of Seasonal Color in West Marin with Sasha Duerr

Past Workshops & Demonstrations – Videos on Demand

During 2020, when it was not feasible to offer in-person events, we began offering a series of online demonstrations and classes via Zoom, taught by Northern California Fibershed Producer Network members. Videos of these events are available on Fibershed’s Vimeo On Demand channel, and links to each video can be found below.

Farming & Processing Pigment & Fiber:

Knitting & Weaving:


Pigments & Dyes:

Shoe Making:

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