Month: June 2016

Grow Your Jeans: Made & Now Worn by the Community

Written by Laura Jean Schneider, with photographs courtesy of the author and Elaine Patarini of Paicines Ranch. I’ve purchased few clothing items with three-figure price tags. Yet, I’m in the midst of having a handmade sweater knitted from naturally dyed wool yarn that will easily compete with designer prices. Why have I made this choice? I […]

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The Stewards of Stinson

Written by Traci Prendergast and photographed by Koa Kalish Steeply pitched uphill, past Stinson Beach, a shared dirt driveway on Panoramic Drive leads to a creaky aluminum gate. Climbing down to open the gate and maneuvering the car inside, I am instantly transported to some south-facing beach on the Mediterranean Sea. Facing outward is an […]

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