Mara Hoffman X Fibershed

Mara Hoffman continues to evolve Climate Beneficial™ fashion in ways that keep us all inspired.

The brand is working with wool sourced from Fibershed member ranches who are actively implementing their Carbon Farm plans and working to transform business as usual agriculture into a net-positive system that works to mitigate and ameliorate climate change.

We are grateful to the Mara Hoffman team for making gorgeous heirloom textiles that spread the message of the value of agriculture in providing a solution to climate change while dressing us in lusciously comfortable material that after decades of wear has the option of returning to the earth as soil through the composting process.

You can now support Fibershed’s mission to bring this education to the public while enjoying the artistry of Mara Hoffman’s designs — all generated from California ranches.

$500 Supporter of the Fibershed Learning Center

Julianna Sweater*
made of 100% Climate Beneficial wool
(S, M, L) 

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*Sweater gift value: $395
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Donations are tax deductible and 100% of funds benefit the Fibershed Learning Center, in Point Reyes Station, California.

We are a proud partner and agricultural member of the Black Mountain Ranch community of agrarians and artists. We are working and learning within traditional Coast Miwok Territory and collaborating with tribal community members to support, enhance, and care for essential plant populations that are key for the health of the ecosystem and multi-millennia honed agricultural practices.

Our demonstration garden includes an array of crops from multiple ancestral lines and long classical breeding histories, all of which we grow seasonally for pigment, dye, and fiber. The crops we tend and harvest are used to support an array of farm-to-fashion activities, ethnobotanical practice, and skill building workshops that we offer to the community. We provide scholarships and fellowships to support the deepening of our cross cultural learning and appreciation for people and land.

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Climate Beneficial is a trademark of Fibershed.

Photo credits: Garment photos courtesy of Mara Hoffman. Fibershed Learning Center photos by Paige Green.