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Acadiana Fibershed

Lafayette, Louisiana (22 parishes in southwest Louisiana)

Contact: Sharon Gordon Donnan, Deb Waldman, Zack McMath

Instagram: @acadianbrowncotton
Facebook: Acadian Brown Cotton

The Acadiana Fibershed is dedicated to preserving the Acadian Brown Cotton heirloom seed and donates a portion of all cotton seed grown to the University of Louisiana, Lafayette, Cade Farm Seed Bank. We are revitalizing ABC cotton production with farmers who are committed to responsible growing, pursuing organic certification and adhering to the requirements of the State Department of Agriculture and Forestry, Boll Weevil Eradication Commission.

The Acadiana Fibershed is preserving the past and creating the future of Southwest Louisiana through our efforts to develop a supply chain that will support a sustainable fashion industry within the French speaking parishes of Southwest Louisiana.

The Acadiana Fibershed encompasses twenty two parishes in southwest Louisiana. The area’s name recognizes the region’s historic role as the area in which approximately 3,000 Acadian refugees sought sanctuary after being exiled from present day Nova Scotia in the early 18th century. The time honored traditions of family, self-sufficiency and economic reciprocity remain intact to this day along with the cultivation of Acadian Brown Cotton. The natural brown cotton was used by the early settlers to weave dowry textiles for Cajun brides referred to as L’amour de Maman — a mother’s labor of love.

Photos courtesy of Sharon Donnan