Blue Ridge Mountains Fibershed

Asheville, NC (100 mile radius, encompassing the mountains of Western North Carolina and parts of Appalachian East Tennessee, upstate South Carolina and North Georgia)

Contact: Judi Jetson, Chairman; Joyce Tromba, Vice-Chairman; Lynne Noble, Secretary; Sandy Hartsmanngruber, Treasurer, Nica Rabinowitz, Special Projects Manager


Our mission is to raise awareness and appreciation for local plant and animal fiber and fiber art products, increase access to local textiles and fiber, strengthen the economic viability of our local creative community and advocate for new markets, programs and services to add value to local products and create jobs.

Our principle programs currently are a teaching studio offering nearly 50 workshops a year (both in person and virtual), an annual fleece and fiber sale and an annual fiber arts and equipment flea market. We are a 501(c)3 organization with annual membership dues.

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