Fibershed Colombia


Contact: Luis Felipe Ortiz

Fibershed Colombia encompasses the entire country, offering a diverse and rich tapestry of ecological and cultural regions. We aim to connect every part of our local fiber system, from farmers in the Andes, Amazon, and coastal regions to fiber processors, including both large-scale mills and individual artisans such as home spinners, weavers, and dyers. Our network also extends to fiber artists, designers, shop owners, consumers, and fiber enthusiasts across Colombia.

Through Fibershed Colombia, we aspire to cultivate friendships, ignite creativity, and instill a deep respect for our environment. We are committed to demonstrating the significant impact our local fiber community has, not only within Colombia but as a vital part of the global textile ecosystem. Our goal is to showcase the unique qualities of Colombian fibers, celebrate our rich artisanal heritage, and contribute to a sustainable and environmentally conscious textile industry.