Fibershed Nederland

The Netherlands

Contact: Stijntje Jaspers, Martine Nieuwenhuis

Stichting Fibershed Nederland


The Fibershed Netherland foundation aims to develop, together with existing initiatives, circular, local textile, and fashion systems in the Netherlands; to build Land-to-Wardrobe systems that support the regeneration of land and bring about increased respect for the origin and value of our textile and clothing.

Focus activities:

  • Field to Soil: Supporting the adoption of regenerative agriculture techniques with a focus on healthy soils, biodiversity and CO2 sequestering
  • Land to Wardrobe: Connecting the Dutch agricultural, technological and creative industries; enabling knowledge exchange and collaboration to develop local, circular textile and fashion loops
  • Education and promotion: Sharing knowledge and raising awareness to enable individuals and companies to rediscover the origin and value of textile and fashion products, and enabling them to play a role in supporting homegrown supply chains.

Support Our Fibershed Affiliates!

Fiber producers, artisans, designers, and makers are developing regional fiber systems all around the world. Help us support their work! We’re asking for donations to the Threading Resilience fundraiser until September 15. Every dollar donated will be matched by Fibershed up to $50,000.