Maine Fibershed

the state of Maine

Contact: Melissa Anne Majkut and Patricia Harpell

Facebook: Maine Fibershed; Maine Fibershed Community Connection
Instagram: Maine Fibershed; #Mainefibershed
Website: in process

The Maine Fibershed is a contingent of the Northern New England Fibershed region.

The Maine Fibershed is a thriving community of Fiber Farmers and shepherds, fiber artisans and fiber business owners, fiber consumers and fiber educators who want to support each other. We focus of supporting Maine Fiber Farms, sharing our knowledge of local plant dyeing. We share time honored skills and techniques from textile creation; From shearing to raising fiber animals to growing fiber mills to enriching soils and carbon sequestration, we move forward weaving the past and future. Our goal is to bring awareness to think about where and how our clothes are made, as a community, build goals that involve adding back to our community.