Montana Fibershed

the state of Montana

Contacts: LaVonne Stucky, Helen Harris, Barbara French, Amanda Shine, Julie Tome, Carol Treadwell-Steitz, Kami Noyes

We are a grassroots movement to promote the use of wool and all other fibers grown or raised in Montana, seeking to connect the supply chain from farm to fashion and to educate everyone who uses cloth about the benefits of environmentally-friendly natural fiber.

From spinning to felting, knitting or weaving, creating utilitarian objects as well as art, or just being a textile enthusiast, our members are passionate about promoting local fiber, its producers and users, whether they be two-legged or four, while building healthy soils in the process.

Plastics White Paper

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In this free resource, we’ll reveal how plastic solidified its place as one of the most prominent materials in fashion, we’ll talk about what that means for all of us, and we’ll share some of the best solutions for getting us out of this mess.