Three Rivers Fibershed

Minneapolis, Minnesota (175 mi radius)

Contact: Maddy Bartsch, Stacy Dresow, Alejandra Sanchez

Instagram: @threeriversfibershed

Within the vision of Fibershed is a call to make textiles a different way, one in which the impact of our fibers are considered from a soil-to-soil perspective. These soil-to-soil systems create just local economies that honor all who participate centering on local labor, local fiber, and local natural dyes. It is our mission to abolish unjust textile systems and create in their place strong, decentralized textile economies that builds from the resources within our own communities. The Three Rivers Fibershed is working to develop regional fiber systems that build soil health and protect the wellbeing of our biosphere here in Minnesota. While our strategic geography is centered in Minneapolis, it extends out in a 175 mile radius, including portions of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and South Dakota. Join us in being a part of the movement for local fiber, dyes, and labor.