Western Massachusetts Fibershed

Connecticut River Valley & Berkshires (100 mi radius)

Contact: Michelle Parrish, Peggy Hart, Raven Laise, Katie Cavacco, Lisa Fortin, Marti Ferguson

Email: westernmassfibershed@gmail.com
Website: www.westernmassfibershed.org
Facebook: Western Mass Fibershed
Instagram: @westernmassfibershed

The Western Massachusetts Fibershed extends from the Connecticut River Valley to the Berkshires in Massachusetts and includes parts of Southern Vermont. We are organizing to support the creation of locally sourced sustainable clothing and textiles in Western Massachusetts. We are farmers, weavers, spinners, dyers, designers, knitters, and sewists, working together to grow and make our own clothes from our regional Fibershed. 
Plastics White Paper

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In this free resource, we’ll reveal how plastic solidified its place as one of the most prominent materials in fashion, we’ll talk about what that means for all of us, and we’ll share some of the best solutions for getting us out of this mess.