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Textile and Fiber Policy 101: Influential New Legislation You Should Be Paying Attention To

Many regulatory systems shape our local fibersheds. Local, state, national (even international) policies and laws play an important role in influencing healthy and vibrant textile, fashion, and fiber systems. We put together a quick guide to help you understand some of the most influential new policies under consideration and what they could mean for transforming our material culture.

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Weaving Lineage in Diaspora

Sari Monroy Solís is a Mayan Kaqchikel and Xicana weaver, teacher, dyer, herbalist-in-training, and Fibershed’s Learning Center Workshop Coordinator, with a decades-long career as an immigration attorney. Sari revitalizes ancestral fiber arts in California and internationally – a journey and practice that started with a family loom and renewing her own connections to craft in her homelands of Guatemala and Mexico.

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Celebrating Working Landscapes With Outerknown’s California Series

California-based company Outerknown — a founding member of the California Cotton & Climate Coalition (C4) — has launched a new collection that celebrates California farmers and working landscapes. The California Series is made with 100% Climate Beneficial™ cotton, grown and sewn entirely in the heart of California’s Central Valley. This line represents a first-of-its-kind for Outerknown and uplifts a regional community of farmers, designers, and producers committed to closely collaborating through our fiber systems to leverage the soil’s ability to fight climate change.

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