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Your Story Through Stitch with Nancy Walter at slowfiber

June 3, 2022 @ 9:00 am - 4:00 pm


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Your Story Through Stitch with Nancy Walter Friday (all day)

as part of The Stitch as Self Portrait Series


Your Story Through Stitch with Nancy Walter

The Stitch as Self Portrait: A Contemplative Approach to Needle and Thread

1 Day Workshop: Friday, June 3, 2022 9:00 am-4:00 pm


Please, pack your lunch so we can hang out!


Join in for a full day of meandering-stitches with intuitive maker Nancy Walter. Bring your linen garment or fabric and scraps, bits and pieces, precious snippets, a poem or words of wisdom. Inspired by your personal story and collected materials, Nancy will guide you through her improvised process of allowing the story to guide you.


This free-spirited practice focuses on listening to the inner voice while silently observing and letting the materials do the work for you.


We are a curation of where we’ve been, what we’ve experienced and what we’ve accomplished. This curation is our personal story, a rich tapestry unique to each one of us, and these stories are not only important to remember but also are worth telling.


As we move forward in life, allowing time to review our history can help us share and connect with others, develop our self-awareness, heal past trauma and move forward with more freedom, or simply allow the joy of the past wash over us when we need it most. Sometimes remembering prompts us to notice how intricate, nuanced and interesting we are… a view we generally admire in others but perhaps not ourselves.


Whether you choose to express your tale in a realistic or abstract manner is up to you.


The subject can be about something that changed you, influenced you, inspired you, or affected you in some way. Possibly it was about a time in your life, or about someone you loved, or a trip you took. Maybe it’s a story about your rose garden, cooking, or your dog. It can be an ode, a celebration, a remembrance… the subject simply needs to be personal and meaningful.


Before class you’ll be asked to find something you’d like to

embellish/embroider/appliqué. Nancy uses linen blouses, pants and jackets from pre-owned sources.



  • You must be able to thread and knot a needle repeatedly
  • Do a running stitch and back stitch.
  • Please be at least 16 years old to participate.
  • patience
  • a kind heart free from judgement (self and others)

*Nancy will have examples on hand and demo how to use.

Stitch as Self Portrait Series


Always meeting in person in the slowfiber classroom (outside if necessary) on the first Friday of the month, beginning in the morning before the weekend’s round of obligations begin.


Community stitching is as old as time whether to conserve candle light or stave off loneliness and the shared time at the needle heals us. Fine artists are tuned to see nuance and to look inward. Combined, these two elements can be an alchemical masterpiece of experience. This is not a literal interpretation of the act of making a Self Portrait but an opportunity to explore the self ( hence the title ) through stitching and cloth with others. A safe place for guided self examination- and a check- in to who we are at this place and time. We will recover from Covid’s constraints as a community eventually but for now we dig in deeper, changed as a result of our collective experience. Needle, thread and heart are the focus in this series. A time for you (and maybe a friend) to work quietly and contemplatively with a practicing artist, about you.

What will we be doing?:

This hand work (no machines) is not an outcome based opportunity but a mindful, slowing of expectations combined with digging deeper inwardly to locate the hidden gems which make each of us special and creatively unique. Needle, thread cloth and heart are the focus. A time for you (and hopefully friends) to work quietly and contemplatively with artist who’s lens is honed to seek greater meaning in the work.

You provide:

·     Your pre-owned linen shirt, skirt, trouser. You may use piece of plain washed and dried linen fabric (available at slowfiber)

·      Found objects (personal treasures – lace, bobbles, photos (for reference) of special time or place person pet, poems, special words etc.

The following items are available at slowfiber

  • Embroidery Scissors
  • Chenille Needles
  • Pins
  • Fabric chalk
  • Fabric pencils
  • Embroidery flosses of all sorts- your favorite colors and textures

Supplies included slowfiber has a lot of fun scrap thread floss and string to share. You are welcome to use as much as you need.


Nancy Walter

Nancy’s long career as a graphic designer and art director took her from Montreal to New York to Encinitas. She’s studied and practiced illustration, printmaking, book arts as well as being one of the featured artists at Deepak Chopra spiritual center in Carlsbad CA. She is a trained Arts Therapy coach, a Soul Collage facilitator, and she facilitates healing Art Journaling classes. In late 2020 she began a new discipline to connect with others and heal from grief. The act of stitching ticked so many boxes that she started stitching daily.

You will be asked to mask and vaccinated with booster to participate (until further notice). We max out at 8

people per session.

There are no cancellations for this class after May 20, 2022. Prior to May 20, 2022 You may have 100% of your money back minus credit card processing fee of 4%. You agree to this policy with your payment.


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