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Eagleville, CA

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ALE Sheep Company is owned and operated by Anna Odendaal. It began in 2012 when she had the opportunity to purchase a small flock of Suffolk ewes. It was first an FFA Supervised Agricultural Experience but, with the help of her family, Anna has grown the flock in to what it is today.

The flock is made up of Suffolk sheep- a breed that originated in Britain during the 18th century. Suffolk sheep have black faces with white bodies, are naturally polled (without horns) and are raised primarily for their meat. Originally we just sold meat, but realized that there is so much value in both their hides and wool. Because of the course nature of their wool it is difficult to turn in to useable product.. until we discovered felting. We are now in process of creating felted products and organically tanned sheep skins.

Our sheep are pastured all year round, grazing during the spring and summer months and fed hay during the winter when forage is not available.