Audubon Canyon Ranch Cypress Grove Research Center

Marshall, CA


Audubon Canyon Ranch’s (ACR) Cypress Grove Research Center (CGRC) Mission: Connecting nature, people, and science in a rapidly changing world

Vision: Inspired and informed communities use scientific knowledge to build a resilient, sustainable society that respects the intrinsic value of our natural world.

This effort by staff and partners was initiated to create management units and collect baseline data at Cypress Grove Research Center (CGRC) while simultaneously, considering targeted grazing as an alternative, or in combination management approach to prescribed burning, mowing to manage non-native vegetation, fuel loading, and native grasslands. As the Land Steward (Jim Jensen), I was looking for tools to reduce hazardous fuels near structures, under power lines, shaded fuel breaks (Cypress) and reduce invasive species and shrub encroachment into the grasslands at CGRC while promoting a mosaic of more desirable species.

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