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Marshall, CA

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Article on the Blog  Barinaga Ranch – Inspired by Ancestral Traditions

At Barinaga Ranch, I am continuing the ancient shepherding traditions of my Basque family and ancestors. Our flock of Romney, Corriedale, and Cormo-cross sheep graze year-round on about 75 acres of hilly, organically managed pastures overlooking Tomales Bay in Marin County. We are transitioning to Climate Beneficial certification with Fibershed. We raise pure-bred registered recessive-colored (black to grey) and white Romneys and in 2022 began breeding Moorit Romneys, whose color is brown-based rather than black. In addition, we have both black and white Corriedales, and have crossed our Corriedale ewes with Cormo rams for an even finer fiber in their cross-bred offspring. We have Romney and Cormo/Corriedale breeding stock for sale and a full line of natural-colored yarns as well as yarns hand-dyed with natural dyes, mostly grown on our ranch. We also sell raw fleeces and roving, lambskins, blankets, and pasture-raised lamb, available as whole lambs only, humanely harvested on our ranch and transported for you to the butcher, to be cut and wrapped for your freezer. Most of our products are available for sale on our website, but customers are invited to make an appointment to come to visit the ranch and pick out products in person. Visit our web site for details.

Photo Credit: Top photo: Paige Green, bottom photos: Barinaga Ranch