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Nicasio, CA

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Article on the Blog  Black Mountain Farm – Where Old World Meets New World 

I was raised in a small fishing village on the Mediterranean coast of Italy. I loved playing at my neighbor’s 200 year-old farm where rabbits, chickens and vegetables were grown in the shadows of the Medieval castle of Arenzano. Ever since those days, I’ve sought to return to that beautiful way of life where all you needed was harvested in your front yard.

Today, I live that dream with my family here on the slopes of Black Mountain in West Marin — simple living off the land shared with my horses, turkeys, chickens, dogs, cats, and my sweet Wensleydale sheep and Angora rabbits. Each season, the sheep and rabbits are sheared for their own comfort and care. I clean and spin this fiber into yarn and ply the two types of fiber together, combining the strength of the wool with the softness of the Angora.

My nine-year-old daughter wanted to learn how to knit this yarn into hats and sell to fundraise for her small town school. Ecco! Black Mountain Farm hats were born!

I hope you enjoy the warm, soft, fluffy comfort of our hand-made hats when the days get foggy and cold. When we are not knitting hats, we are harvesting honey, making berry jams and lemon marmalade. Please feel free to call for a farm tour or demonstration of fiber spinning.

-Marnie Jackson

Photo Credit: Alycia Lang