California Cloth Foundry

San Francisco, CA

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In collaboration with nature, California Cloth Foundry (CCF) is making textiles and apparel naturally, and like food, with nothing we can’t consume.

Because our skin absorbs what we put on it, CCF chooses only botanical ingredients to craft their textiles and apparel, avoiding any harmful chemicals and petroleum-based fibers, treatments, and dyes.

Their alchemy is the purity of their ingredients: regenerative natural fibers, and natural finishes and dyes.

Sourcing pure USDA certified organic and sustainable fibers, many from their fibershed, CCF shepherds them through a local supply chain, crafting A Healthy Wardrobe.

A California Fibershed community member of producers, retailers, and artisans, CCF’s online shop includes their collection of DTLA-made apparel, as well as their USA grown, milled, and finished textiles, many of which are produced by the Northern and Southern Fibershed community.

Article on the blog: Bringing the Supply Chain to Life

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