Caprette Cashmere

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Article on the Blog  A Glimpse Into Caprette Cashmere

Home of quality cashmere and angora goats, Caprette Cashmere is a small family farm based in Sacramento County.  Specializing in goats for over 15 years, Barbara and Ron Fiorica raise cashmere and mohair for both their own use and sale to others.  They also sell goats and educate others on how to raise their own cashmere.

We have been raising goats since the 70’s. First dairy goats, then as the kids left cashmere goats in the 80’s until now and Colored Angora goats later. We have had sheep for meat and now fine or long wool since we moved here in 1976. Our small place was originally a homestead, the original house has been incorporated by several additions over the years since the 1920’s. We aren’t sure how many people have owned it, at one time Nutria were raised here but were long gone when we moved in, only the concrete pens were left. Old barns have fallen down and have been replaced. Solar panels put in several years ago keep our power going in our very abundant sunshine.

Photo Credit: Top, Caprette Cashmere. Bottom left & right, Paige Green