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Porterville, CA

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Our micro farm rests outside of Porterville, California in the Success Valley region of the Sierra Nevada foothills. Here our animals live outside under the sun, in the shade of blue oaks, and on carpet of native grasses and wildflowers. Our munching mowers target graze on pastures within a 1 mile radius of the farm that helps our community with weed abatement and fire mitigation. We raise heritage breeds of sheep and turkeys that grow slower but taste better, and are more adaptive to foraging for their own food. Our chickens are raised outside in tandem with our ram pen as they eat their waste hay, and are offered predator protection. Who wants to mess with a bunch of rams?

Because we are also professional geographers, (‘geo’ meaning earth) we’re committed to holistic management practices that sustains the earth, animals, and in turn you and me! This includes rotational and target grazing, kelp supplement for methane reduction, collecting food waste from local business, and zero waste packaging.