Red Willow Pond

Bodega, CA

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We are raising a small flock of Navajo-Churro sheep outside the sweet little town of Bodega with our two kids.

We are devoted to restoration ecology of our grassland, using permaculture practices in our gardens, and stewarding a vernal pool rich with native plants near Salmon Creek. Navajo-Churro sheep have a rich history, and we feel strongly about raising them. They are on The Livestock Conservancy’s Threatened List. We guard our sheep with strong fencing, our guardian llama Toni, and our Great Pyrenees mix.

Our free-ranging Cotton Patch Geese are almost 100% grass grazers too. These rambunctious birds are on The Livestock Conservancy’s Critical list. They help keep hawks away from the chickens and alert us to visitors too.

We keep a few dozen chickens, most of which were chosen for their excellent foraging and hardiness, including Wyendotte, Welsummers, Delawares, Ameraucana, and Marans.

We use rotational grazing and are working on our Carbon Farming plan with Fibershed. We have partnered with the Gold Ridge Resource Conservation District and NRCS on compost application, infrastructure improvements and a 50,000 gallon rainwater catchment system.

We are currently producing organic free range eggs and will be sheep breeding for 2020, selling lambs, fleece, and yarn.