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Fiber Circle Studio is a Makerspace and Marketplace for all things yarn and fiber!  Our goal is to provide the community with an abundant source of equipment, tools, knowledge and quality supplies to encourage, support and inspire creativity, artistic evolution and a close-knit fiber network.

Workshop and equipment offerings include weaving, spinning, fiber processing, felting, knitting, crocheting, dyeing and more! The equipment and tools can be accessed through Day Use or Membership. Many of our supplies come from local and domestic yarn producers and dyers!

Fiber Circle Studio came to being by an avid knitter, Alisha Bright, who wanted to explore ALL the fiber arts. After searching and gaining knowledge from various artists and places, she decided what this community needed was one place where you can do it all! And not just a place to take classes or buy supplies, but to also explore on your own creative journey without the large commitment of space and money.

All photos by Jonathan Kirker