Nevada City, CA

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Fieldtones is the vision of Christa Lyn Furrer. Fieldtones is a place, a feeling, and a process of connecting more deeply to the natural world. Grounded in the principles of Ayurvedic medicine, ecopsychology, and regenerative agriculture, we aim to support the healing process of individuals, communities, and the environment we all share by fortifying a recipricoal relationship with nature.

Our aim is to foster engagement and co-creation with natural world through the implementation of nature-based creative arts practices. These include, but are not limited to, natural dyeing, spinning, weaving, paper-making, ink and pigment making, stitching and mending. Our current offerings include medicinal cloths for sale, that have been woven by hand and dyed with medicinal herbs, and wellness consultations centered expressive art therapies and nature-based wisdom.

Plastics White Paper

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In this free resource, we’ll reveal how plastic solidified its place as one of the most prominent materials in fashion, we’ll talk about what that means for all of us, and we’ll share some of the best solutions for getting us out of this mess.