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Rio Vista, CA

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I am a first-generation farmer, after retiring from 40 years of ICU nursing. We purchased a 23-acre property with a 100-year-old farmhouse on the Sacramento River. I drove by this property weekly on my way to herding lessons with my first border collie. (Dogs can change your life.). Wouldn’t it be wonderful to fix that old white farmhouse up and get Black and White, dogs sheep and chickens! My husband and I purchased the property in 2015..We have refurbished the farmhouse, barn, shop and put in fences. Bob and Ann are the border collies that work the 12 sheep, a Wensleydale natural colored Ram, ewes are Ferisian/Finn, Ferisian/Wensleydale, both brown, Wensleydale-off white, 2 Jacob/Merinos, and 5 dorpers for herding. We are on our third year of beekeeping with 1-6 hives. 20 chickens that lay 12 eggs a day. 4 cats and 2 LGDs to keep the pests away.

We decided and are just beginning to raise wool sheep. Our first lambing season wrapped up with 2 sets of quadruplets, 2 sets of twins and 4 singles! “Let’s get a few sheep.,” she said, ” It will be Fun!”