GC Icelandics

Palermo, CA

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Husband and wife Sascha and Katie Grutter, along with their young children, raise a small flock of Icelandic sheep for meat and wool.  Icelandic sheep are a newer breed to the United States, imported in the mid 1980’s. They are the sheep of the Vikings.  Much of the wool is washed and spun at Yolo Wool Mill, with some set aside for learning to process their own wool, and for felting/crafts.  Based in the small, rural town of Palermo, CA, the sheep graze a mixture of pasture and hay.  Icelandics are a very tough heritage breed, dual-coated, and with great personality.  They need shearing twice a year, in spring and fall, generating a good deal of wool per sheep per year.  Their markings and colorings provide an amazing rainbow of color.  Currently available are yarn, roving, and raw fleece, most items available by contacting Katie, or at local yarn shops.

Photo Credit: GC Icelandics

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