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GDS was founded to provide ethical and sustainable alternatives to people who appreciate simple modern design. We believe that knowing the makers of our textile goods is as important as understanding the route of food from farm to table.  By making products and facilitating workshops at the intersection of design, sustainability and community, it’s our mission to contribute to the restoration of our environment and a more equitable fashion and textile industry.

Inspired by the trendsetting women in her own family and a grandmother who was one of the most sought-after seamstresses in town, Geana Sieburger worked within the textile industry for 7 years before she founded GDS.  Growing up in Southern Brazil deeply influenced her work, a place where in the 80’s, bakeries and their bakers could be found every few blocks and skilled seamstresses still sewed a good portion of people’s everyday wardrobes. Communities sustained themselves, and Geana believes there’s a lot to learn from that.  These experiences left an impression that would later resurface as objects to better appreciate the everyday work of living.

Photo Credit: Paige Green