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San Francisco, CA

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On the Blog: Grange Home Returns the Hand to the Made

I’ve always been a collector of tiny objets to large pieces of furniture. With so much beautiful design surrounding me, I thought there was an opportunity to reimagine how we might create modern, upcycled pieces for their next chapter.

Grange Home was born out of that curiosity—featuring one-of-a-kind Home and Lifestyle designs that support environmental health from different angles.

Made slowly, to order; of natural, regenerative, or upcycled materials; Grange Home products are good for you and our planet— and that is a true modern luxury.

I’m proud to work with a local ecosystem of tradespeople, ranches, and suppliers to create my designs, and I manufacture most pieces within my small studio in San Francisco.

Top and bottom right photo by Paige Green Photography. Bottom left photo by Ericka McConnell.