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Pinole, CA

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Gynna Made is owned and operated by Gynna Clemes. Passionate about creating beautiful and functional clothing and home goods, Gynna designs and creates each and every item in her home studio, using the best materials available.

Shop Gynna Made and discover our premium zero waste, made to order products.

  • Hank and Momma Clothing – Comfy cozy clothing designed to instill confidence and promote creative exploration for mom and babe
  • Sock Shop – Hand cranked socks, headbands and beanies, holiday decorations – Knit on an antique circular sock knitting machine
  • Comfy Cozy Home – Beautiful and functional home goods – blankets, cleaning cloths, napkins, decorative accessories

When you purchase from Gynna Made, you are supporting collaborations between multiple Fibershed small businesses in Northern California! Gynna is a proud member of Fibershed and the Northern California Fibershed Cooperative and sources most of her materials from other Fibershed producers across Northern California. Gynna Made has been providing beautiful and functional products since 2016.

Gynna Clemes received her first sewing machine at 7 years old and began designing and drafting patterns and sewing her own clothing during high school. Gynna taught herself to knit during college and after college added weaving and spinning to her fiber journey. A mostly self-taught maker Gynna has a relaxed view on creating, there are many tips and tricks to learn but few steadfast rules. She enjoys learning from others and adding different views and tips to her arsenal. Gynna’s latest clothing line, Hank and Momma Clothing, was born of necessity as an outlet to redefine and re-find herself after feeling lost under the role of being a new mother. Hank and Momma Clothing was truly the pivotal point in Gynna’s creative career. Passionate about creating comfy cozy clothing that instills confidence and promote creative exploration for all.

Gynna believes that anyone can learn to create a wardrobe that helps ground them and gives meaning to their lives, wherever they are on their creative journey. Rooted in smart fashion Gynna is excited to share her experiences, tips and tricks and creative process through her new SMART Fashion workshops. Smart fashion incorporates simple materials that actively regenerate textiles in daily life:

Simple and sustainable

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