Hollow Bone

Templeton, CA

Website  www.hollowboneonline.com
Instagram  @_hollowbone_

Hollow Bone is a one woman show, I am a hide tanner, horse girl, and devoted to the practice of ancestral skills and making craft the slow way. Everything you see here is made by me (unless otherwise stated). I have been tanning hides for going on 7-8 years now. I am passionate about it. I work myself to the bone and give myself crazy deadlines. I do not hunt or kill any of the animals hides I work. Mostly the hides I offer are: road kill, or going to the dump and considered a bi-product and in general not worth it. I use a traditional way of tanning called brain tanning. My goal, intention and mission is to bring ancestral skills and craft to the “mainstream” . I am devoted to clean made leather. I am available for questions, workshops, custom ranch work and in general am one of the most honest transparent people you will meet. Besides all of that I make herbal products, felted wool garments, lead horse trips in Argentina, and whatever other wild adventure I can come up with. Please note everything I make is organic and natural.