Petaluma, CA

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Housework is a retail project founded on the idea of a holistic household – a living space in which all aspects of all objects are given careful consideration. Consideration as to how they were made, by whom, with what materials, from where, with what physical impact on the maker, the user, the earth, with what emotional impact on those same beings, and then ultimately their functionality, durability, and end of life.

We focus on sourcing products that are entirely plastic-free, petroleum-free, and made from natural, non-toxic materials down to the finer details such as dyes and stitching for clothing, the finishes of wood products, and the glazes and clays of ceramics and stoneware. We prioritize locally made products and reach farther abroad when necessary. Our collections are designed to encourage engagement with your home, its upkeep, and the world beyond it by stocking intentional goods of impeccable craftsmanship made from truly natural materials that reward use and age well alongside you.

Link to Fibershed online collection here.

Support Our Fibershed Affiliates!

Fiber producers, artisans, designers, and makers are developing regional fiber systems all around the world. Help us support their work! We’re asking for donations to the Threading Resilience fundraiser until September 15. Every dollar donated will be matched by Fibershed up to $50,000.