Integrity Alpacas & Fiber

Vacaville, CA

Instagram  @integrity_alpacas

Integrity Alpacas & Fiber, established in 2013, has grown from the original 4 alpacas to just over 40 in the herd today. Our herd composition supports a focus on producing fine white fibers for use in both the commercial textile industry and flexibility for local artisans use.

Integrity Alpacas & Fiber processes some fiber into yarn. Options include yarns of natural color, 100% alpaca, and some blends with complementing natural fibers from Fibershed members. Available products created from the herd include alpaca felted soap, dryer balls, hand-crocheted and woven scarves. The goods produced by our herd continues to expand.

The herd also produces ample “golden beans” for use in your garden/farm to support soil health.

Charlene Schmid, the founder of Integrity Alpacas & Fiber, is a SUNY, Cobblestone certified Sorter, Grader, Classer and fiber consultant.

Photo Credit: Charlene Schmid

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