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John and Carrie Ham have a small ranch in Lake County, California. They raise Merino sheep for wool and meat, Angus cattle for meat and income, chickens for fun and eggs, and certified organic walnuts for profit.  Our animals range on 250 acres during the day and the sheep are kept in the barn at night, to protect them from predators. Our sheep are blanketed to keep the wool clean and protected from sun and rain to produce the highest-possible quality wool.  Our adult ewes were born and raised on Utopia Ranch in Mendocino County by Jean Gowan Near, John’s mother. Jean has been raising Merino sheep, for wool, since she was in her early 60’s and Carrie has decided she likes this health insurance policy, adopting it as her own. Jean is now in her 102nd year and last year asked John and Carrie if they would continue the tradition of breeding her Merino sheep for their wool so as not to lose the prize winning blood lines she has developed over nearly 40 years. Jean gifted John and Carrie the 11 ewes in her flock which could still be bred and they were on their way!